Sydney’s Best Swingers Party


Want to know where to find Sydney’s Best Swingers Party? Have you heard of Brumbies Couple’s parties?

They throw sexy swinger’s parties for both couples and single women in the lifestyle. Their parties are regular (roughly once a month) and have different themes as well as large crowds of a wide range of people in attendance.

This is how BrumbieCouple describe their parties from their RedHotPie website listing:

“We are also very lucky to have a great party atmosphere with the Brumbies Couples Parties. What started out a few years ago as a little party at a motel with 3 other nervous nellies like we were it has grown that ever since. Now we are now proud and honoured to say we have over 200 couples and 40 single girls that we can call our friends.

The difference between our parties and that of others is not much, as those running the parties have the same policies to have fun and make it as enjoyable for all that attend.

Biggest point of difference we can offer and proud to say is we never ever ever discriminate on looks, we believe everybody is beautiful in their own way, and just because somebody maybe a little larger than somebody else or taller or shorter makes no difference.

Proof is in the pudding the feedback we get and couples and single girls always returning is very satisfying. “

They’re not wrong about that. Here is some of the feedback given by other members of the site:

“I had a fantastic, wonderful and fun evening with BrumbieCouple at one of there recent soirées. WOW, still as horny as hell from the memories. Will definitely be attending more of their awesome parties. They are fantastic hosts!”

“Had the privilege of attending a PVT party of BrumbieCouple. Great host and very nice and relaxed environment. Great to socialise and to play with. Good stuff guys, I had a great night. Thank you very much”

“Best party hosts around. Nothing is too much trouble. The mixture of people who attend is so great, will keep us returning again and again.”

Interested in attending one of Sydney’s Best Swingers Party events? Check out their club page on RedHotPie here.

Sydney's Best Swingers Party

Sydney’s Best Swingers Party



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