How To Dress For A Swingers Party


Not sure how to dress for a swingers party? When you’re heading to an everyday social event like a family barbecue or a friend’s house party, it’s always easy to figure out what to wear – smart casual is usually your best bet. But what about a swingers party? If you haven’t been before, you might be stumped as to the usual dress code.

To help you pick out what to wear, treat any swingers club as you might any other nightclub, and if it’s a private party, dress as you might for a friend’s house party. Keep in mind that you do want to look like you’ve made an effort and making a sexy first impression is certainly to your advantage. Guys this means you too – make an effort, as if you were dressing for a first date. In saying that, you don’t need to bear heaps of flesh to do this (unless of course you want to!), so make sure that whatever you wear you’re comfortable in it.

Also check out the dress code given by the party organiser. If they want you to come in a theme, do make the effort or you’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons. Don’t be afraid to contact them personally if you’re unsure what to wear, or if it’s a club, check out past events galleries to get an idea of the usual get up that people rock up in.

Ultimately, wear something that makes you feel sexy so that your confident self can shine through!


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